About us

We are a group of hang glider and paraglider pilots who fly in Mid-Wales, roughly from Rhaeadr to Aberystwyth and from Harlech to the Preselis. We provide post-Club Pilot support, negotiate and manage sites to fly in our area, and organise social and training events for our members.

We are affiliated with the Welsh Free Flight Federation so our members are able to fly many of the sites in Wales. In return WFFF members may fly our open sites without paying the daily membership fee.

We are a club of qualified pilots -- we do not teach people to fly. If you would like to learn how to fly a hang glider or paraglider then you must find a school. The Mid-Wales Paragliding Centre is based near Aberystwyth and run by a club member. Other Welsh and nearby schools are listed on the links page, all the schools in the UK are listed on the BHPA website.

How to join

Full instructions are on the how to join page. Full membership costs £10 per year.

Flying our sites

Look at the sites guide for up-to-date information on our sites. Welsh Free Flight Federation members are welcome to fly our open sites, other non-members must pay a daily membership fee.

We'd love for everyone to be able to fly all our sites, unfortunately, some of our sites, marked "members only", are extremely sensititive. These are restrictions placed upon us by the landowners. Please do not fly any of these sites if you are not a member: you risk permanent loss of the site for everybody.

If, on your travels, you see a likely looking hill and fancy flying it, please contact us first as there will probably be a reason that it's not in the sites guide. Flying such hills can jeopardise other hills under our stewardship and we'd rather avoid such issues!

Sites Guide Intro

Foot launch pilots rated Club Pilot and above are most welcome to fly the sites listed in this guide. We do ask however, that on your first visit to any site, you persuade a member of the Mid-Wales Club to accompany you. At some sites conditions on the ground can change as quickly as those in the air, and most are in clear view of the land owner. So where a site is marked closed or is otherwise restricted please be patient, there is usually an alternative available.


AGM minutes

The minutes for the AGM, held at the Hafod Hotel in Pontarfynach on the 29th of September 2012 are now available on the members page of the website.


Elan Valley OPEN

Thank you for respecting the site closure.