Flying Sites

The sites on this page may not be open during the COVID19 pandemic. Please check the front page to see if the site is actually open.

Site Name Wind Direction Pilot rating (HG) Pilot rating (PG)
Craig y Pistyll 060-164 CP CP
Ffarmers 130-180 CP +20 CP +20
Cemmaes 210-330 CP CP
Disgwylfa Fawr 250-340 CP CP
Pen Dinas 260-280 CP CP
Constitution Hill 285-320 CP CP
Llanddewi Brefi 300-330 CP CP

Foot launch pilots rated Club Pilot and above are most welcome to fly the sites listed in this guide. We do ask however, that on your first visit to any site, you persuade a member of the Mid-Wales Club to accompany you.

Our sites are not suitable for speed-flying.

At some sites conditions on the ground can change as quickly as those in the air, and most are in clear view of the land owner. So where a site is marked closed or is otherwise restricted please be patient, there is usually an alternative available. Any flyable looking hills you see in our area are known to us and are either restricted or being held in reserve against losses elsewhere. Please do not fly any non-listed sites (even if accompanied by a member) without phoning a committee member first- there may be issues with these sites which haven't been made widely known and which only the committee are aware of.

An important consideration for many of our sites is the fact that they are on agricultural land. In general, take extra care during the lambing season as the stock is easily disturbed and check with the site liaison/website to see if the site is temporarily closed. Lambing generally occurs between January and the end of April.


Please note that some land owners require a car parking fee. Full membership is only £10 per year. You can join online and pay by Paypal. The PDF version of the Sites Guide has information not present on the website, including maps of the members only sites. Please click on the icons to open the site details. Clicking on the name will take you to the full description.