Llanddewi Brefi

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Steve Parsons

A beautiful site with excellent XC potential. Sennybridge danger area is directly downwind and must be avoided to fly more than 25km. Look out for Dafydd, the only gay in the village!

Access & parking: 

From Llanddewi Brefi, take the Mountain road to Ffarmers, at the "T" junction do not take the left turn to Ffarmers, continue straight on for 400m. You'll arrive at a straight piece of road with good views of the valley below. PLEASE meet your contact there before flying.

Bottom landing: 

We have been asked to use our best judgement to avoid landing in the fields on the near side of the road below launch.

Restrictions & notes: 

On the seventeenth of June 1999 a paraglider was attacked in the air by a Buzzard at Llanddewi Brefi. She (?) appears to have a nest in the deciduous woods to the north of take off. She will harass any thing (she can catch) at less than a hundred feet above the hill. There have also been problems with red kites attacking paragliders in the same area.