Restricted opening of sites

The day has dawned when limited flying is permitted in Wales on sites within your local area. This means within ~5 miles from your home AND prohibits travel into Wales from other parts of the UK
Please familiarise yourself with the rules and guidelines if considering flying. The whole list is published in HERE but here are the main points-

  • Comply with any guidance from the local BHPA club, who you must contact before visiting any area with the intention of flying;
  • Ensure that the landowner's permission has been gained before you go to a flying site;
  • Be aware that Mountain Rescue cover may be limited or not currently available in some areas;
  • Try to minimise travel distances, and travel in a private vehicle only with members of your own household;
  • Maintain social distancing and don't share unsterilised equipment;
  • Be alert to the risks of touching locks and gates; use a suitable hand sanitiser before and after contact;
  • You may approach one other person from outside your household, but only if you maintain 2m distancing;
  • Other than this one person, you should maintain a significant separation from all other people (to avoid any suggestion of creating a gathering);

    [These distancing requirements do not apply in an emergency situation]

  • Do not fly XC in Great Britain. ( England, Scotland or Wales )
  • Be safe, and aware of the risks that your own lack of currency creates, and remember that you may be sharing the air with other pilots who are at least as rusty;
  • Wash your hands before and after you go.

Flying in Wales is subject to the conditions about staying local (approx. 5 miles from home) and social distancing.

Please also note that you should not be travelling outside of your local area into Wales either. ie don't travel into Wales from England

Please only fly sites deemed as open by the Club.
At the moment the only open club sites are Pen Dinas on the condition we don’t use the lower field for launching as there are calves in it, Ffairbourne and Disgwylfa.
Other sites are under negotiation.
If there is a particular club site within your local area that you would like to use that is not open please contact me and we’ll see what we can do to confirm landowners permission to resume flying.

Please be extra tactful if approached by landowners or enquiring locals, these are fraught times and our reputation could be easily damaged.

The most up to date info will be found on the Club's Telegram service

Be careful. The air is rough and the grounds hard!!