Mid Wales is very often used for military low flying training during the week. This flying takes place below 2000ft and often planes are to be seen flying near our sites. If you don't believe us-

Although military pilots are extremely good and usually see us in plenty of time, it makes sense to help them as much as possible. To do this, the RAF has a freephone flying notification service. Please use it...

Midweek Flying Notification Procedure
The notify midweek flying you should either call the RAF on freephone 0800 515544 7am to 5pm (4pm on Fridays), Monday to Friday only or use use which is far easier. More info on how to use the online service is HERE.

Full details of the NOTAM service in general are in Aeronautical Information Circular (AIC) 55/2001 Yellow 52 which is available from the AIS, or a copy can be obtained from the BHPA Office.

This is not as daunting as it seems and only takes a few minutes. You phone the number, preferably the evening before, and give the helpful person on the other end of the phone the following information:

  • Site grid ref.
  • Between which hours.
  • Height (They cover from the ground to 2000ft).
  • Your name and telephone no.

They then call you back to confirm details and give to you a reference number. In all but the rarest instances, the RAF will issue a UKLB NOTAM accordingly. NOTAM INFO is a great resource for checking NOTAMS befor flying.